Worst Poser

I cannot pose in pictures for the life of me. I just cannot! What is this pose?! I look back at most of my selfies and I’m like no Faith nooo! This is me after work, hair down and thinking I look cute for someone who’s worked 7hours.


Faith ๐Ÿ’œ

You can be whoever you want even yourself

I know I’m always preaching the same message over and over again but seriously this is something so important and personal to me because it’s something I struggled with for a long time. The message is be yourself always!! I’ve been called weird, silly, goofy so many times I think it might just be my middle name at this point. I won’t lie it used to hurt my feelings but I realised this is who I am, I’ll never be “normal” and I’ll never fit the perceptions that others think of me (people tend to assume I’ll be stuck up, b*tchy :| ) . I am happier being weird than pretending to be this “cool” person in order to fit in. Always be yourself, you’ll happier in the long run and truthfully the real you always come out sooner or later so its better off if you’re yourself from the beginning :-)


Love you guys dearly :)

Happiness starts with you


Trust me when I say this when you depend on other people you always be let down! I’m not saying everyone out there is unreliable, I’m saying its unrealistic to depend on someone all the time to make you happy. What if that person is also having a bad day, what if they can’t be there at that time, what if they give not the best advice, what if they don’t have your best interests at heart?! In a nutshell do things that make you happy, be happy on your own ( find out coping mechanisms when you’re down I.e exercise, prayer etc etc) and you can be happy with anyone and around anyone because you won’t have to rely on someone else to make you feel good.
I hope that makes sense because it almost doesn’t to me and I wrote it!

Reality vs Perspective


This has to be one of the most truthful pictures ever and I won’t lie in my younger days (teenage years) I thought that my opinion was fact. How we see things from where we are standing can be completely different to how someone else sees things. It’s crazy how we can be quick to say someone is wrong or that our “opinion” is right etc because even reality comes down to our own perspectives and how we view things. What comes to mind when I say this is probably religion, I have witnessed a debate between two individuals who belonged to two different religious groups and boy was it ugly. People say religion and politics are topics never to be discussed but I think its ok to discuss any topic, the main thing is how we deliver the message. Difference of opinion is ok, it’s just sometimes when people are given a different opinion to the one that they are used to they get offended and then the insults start coming in. The point i’m trying to make is that we are all different, with different mindsets, cultures (sometimes being from the sane culture doesn’t mean automatically you think the same), backgrounds, different emotional states, wellbeing etc and one doesn’t make the other better, it just means there’s more diversity and a lot, a looooot of beautiful things to get to learn and experience about the people and things around us.
As always love and peace!