Tuesday Catch Up

Long time just talking. How are you guys?

First off big congratulations to Sarah on her library job. I’m so happy and proud of you. Wishing you nothing but continued success and happiness!

Ok how am I? I’m really good. I’ve been working my short self off; so many hours and we are short staffed. It sucks but what can be done, hopefully my wage is all good because they sometimes like to cut a bit of wages 😮
On topic of work I’m sure I’ve complained about a male I work with before who just seems miserable, sad and is rude to just about everyone. So on Saturday the boss wasn’t in the best of moods. Basically all the staff have to work super hard and mistakes should not be there. Anyway the guy who rude to everyone is always making mistakes and they sacked him on the spot. Weirdly I felt sad for him because besides his shortcomings the man loved his job. Hopefully whatever happens in his future that he finds something that makes him happy. It’s a weird shock that he’s been sacked.

Other than that work is going alright. To be honest I feel under pressure as I feel like I’m being watched to see if I’m messing up.

Oh yeah I’ve lost a bit of a weight wohoo! I have been drinking more water, trying to eat better and because I’m working such a physical job I’m always exercising. My skin is also improving I’m loving it. Been getting so many compliments :) :) :)

Relationship wise I’m still in the same boat I was in the last time. Still riding solo. Waiting for my love, patiently waiting :)

I’ve spoken sooo much so yeah. I love you guys!!! Thank you for being a friend. I’m not going to call people followers.
As always love and light!


Go Getter


There’s no point in waiting for things to happen. Sometimes we just have to chase after the things we want relentlessly. I have realised that when I have started going after the things I want other things start to happen also; its like a snowball effect. What I’m trying to say is life is too short to be waiting around for things to happen on their own. Create your own luck!

Love you guys and as always plenty of love and light :)


Go To Make Up Look



Sorry about the poses … I’m not the best at this selfie thing so all my pictures will be awkward. Now that that’s out the way these days I’m loving neutral colours. They are just easy to wear and obviously look more natural.

Hope you likey :)

The Best Is Yet To Come


I believe that if you work hard and have ambition and that desire to excel in whatever field you want then you’ll be able to do it. Keeping positive, thinking positively and also being positive to those around you will be beneficial too. I believe that the energy we put out into the universe is the energy that we receive back.
With that said I’m wishing you guys plenty of love, success, happiness in any and everything that you do.
Plenty of love and light

You are beautiful the way you are


We are not all meant to be the same!!! You are beautiful the way you are, we are beautiful the way we are. Whether you be brown, dark brown, tanned, blue, green you were meant to be the way you are; embrace it!!
Beauty is diverse and us women and men too are diverse! Keep that in mind, have confidence and be comfortable in the skin that you are in. I’m writing this out to anyone and everyone out there including myself because I also need this reminder from time to time!

I love you guys and as always plenty of love and light to you guys! Shine on 😍