You are beautiful the way you are


We are not all meant to be the same!!! You are beautiful the way you are, we are beautiful the way we are. Whether you be brown, dark brown, tanned, blue, green you were meant to be the way you are; embrace it!!
Beauty is diverse and us women and men too are diverse! Keep that in mind, have confidence and be comfortable in the skin that you are in. I’m writing this out to anyone and everyone out there including myself because I also need this reminder from time to time!

I love you guys and as always plenty of love and light to you guys! Shine on 😍


Saying Yes To Happiness


It can be hard to say no sometimes especially if you’re one of those people who are scared to let people down. I’ll admit I used to be one of those people and in some instances I find myself still reverting back to that behaviour HOWEVER soon you begin to realise that by doing things that you don’t want to do in the long run you suffer. You begin to be unhappy and nobody wants to be unhappy. Say yes to your own happiness!!!

As always love and light to you guys.

Thursday Catch Up

Hey loves! Hope you guys are well. I’m really good. I’ve been feeling kind of weird,  not like depressed or down but the weather here in the UK is changing and for some reason my mood is just weird. I spoke to some friends and they also feel weird. I guess its the winter blues huh?!
Missing my mum as well, need to call her as soon as my phone is working. I’m not sure she’ll ever know about this blog but yeah I love you mama!!! 😘😘

So what’s new with me?! Um nothing much. I’ve been recently working more morning shifts than evenings and so far they are ok. Its not the perfect job but its a job where you learn so much about life lessons. I must however say working with certain people who are creepy, disrespectful, rude has a way to make you not like your job but the upsides usually outweigh the downsides. Looking forward to the future whatever the future holds. I’m feeling positive and putting out positive energy out there that the future is positive :)

Health wise?! I’ve been trying to eat better, I’m really trying. I’m drinking green teas, more water, trying to eat less junk. Keeping in mind I work in a restaurant I think I’m doing not so bad so far :)

Love life?! Yeah my life is full of love! Loving my blog haha (oh you thought I was going to update you on relationships; I will when there’s something to talk about) and thank you so much for following. Hi to the new followers!!!!! :)

Love you guys so much! Like I really love you guys, you guys make me so happy. This blog is like my outlet to just release everything. Hope you guys are blessed and as always love and light :)