To a certain extent I agree. I mean 85% I agree, because your environment as in the environment you’re in the most will where the people you’re likely to attract will be. If you hang out at museums then you’ll attract like minded people … But genuinely good people are in everywhere and in random places.
I hope that makes sense :)😘


I Experienced Racism

So you guys one of the most weirdest things happened yesterday! You guys know I work in a restaurant, mind you the restaurant is quite upscale. It’s also a halal place, no alcohol, prayer rooms available; basically caters a lot to the Islamic community. I think that’s a beautiful thing. I respect all religions & Islam is a beautiful religion which emphasizes peace & being fair.

Anyway back to the story …
So I’m serving the table & I notice one of the ladies (there were 3 women and a man) goes to the counter to talk to the receptionist (who is a Pakistani man). Afterwards the receptionist comes over to me and says if the food comes out I’ll serve it. I’m like “oh ok sure that’s fine”. At the time I’m thinking its his family or close friends.
So anyway the food comes out and my manager serves the food. Mind you he is black too.
The receptionist comes to us looking upset and says why did you serve the food?
I’m like … Ok. So I tell him when the main course comes out he can serve it.
So main course comes out and he immediately comes out and says I’ll serve it. The lady had once again gone to the reception.
I made a joke that they don’t want us to serve their food because we are black?
His reaction said it all.
So the manager carried on serving the food. The mum got so uncomfortable she went again to the reception.

I then went up to them and asked if I had done or said anything to offend them …. They looked so shocked and they said the mother was not mentally well etc ….
Just overall blaming the mother…
Very strange indeed ….

It’s 2015 & racism still exists ….

Day 62 (Healthy Lifestyle Journey)

So you guys yesterday I was not feeling the most upbeat in the morning. I was just kind of feeling so so; sooo before work all I had was a cup of tea and 5 custard cream biscuits. I know not really good :(
Way too little and unhealthy.
So that’s all I had till like 12:45am and then I had a small bowl of rice with some butter chicken. It was beautiful I can’t lie but I woke up feeling so bloated you wouldn’t believe. Horrible feeling. Going to have some green tea and hopefully this feeling goes away soon.


Random picture after work when I’d removed all the make up. Yes I have shiny skin … It looks like I bathe in baby oil ๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜

Happy Sunday btw!