In Black & White


My make up is actually gold, lots of bronzer and just overall a glowy look. I like the black and white more but I’ll upload the original soon.
Sorry for the lack of posts and just overall absence I’ve been dealing with some stuff but I’m feeling good nonetheless.
Hope everyone is great!
Missing the “virtual world blogging peoples” :-)
Plenty of love xo



Hope everyone is great! Long time not posting on my blog yikes.
Guess I needed the time to self reflect and work on what’s the next step to progress.
As always live life the way you want to and not how others want you to live :-)


Soul Beauty


Beneath the surface of us lies a lot of beautiful things undiscovered just like under the oceans. Society judges on appearance; that’s a shame because so many have stopped focusing on the inner and only focus on the outer. We got it in reverse, we have to dig deeper :-)