Make Up

Played in make up today, haven’t done anything other than neutral looks in a long time, I kinda like it. It’s not a look I would wear everyday but definitely now and again if feeling bold. I am super happy with how my skin is currently looking, I think the way I have been eating has been helping for sure.

Please excuse the bright orange shirt, when I get ready I like to wear shirts or clothing I never wear outside.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend; sending good vibes, positive energy, health and so much more to you guys. I love you!



DAY 4 ,5 & 6 

This has been my addiction, i’m down  only 1 pound but I have been eating like crazy and also that time of the month, crazy times! On a really cool note I feel happy that when I do eat way more calories than I used to I don’t put on weight, if anything then it is water weight, amazing stuff:) I like the size I am now (size 10)  but looking forward to being more healthier and in shape, I want to look amazing on the big day but also amazing from here on out:)

Had some chips too the past few days (please don’t judge me) … I have to do better but pms is tough!

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend wherever you are❤




Checking in on day 3! Detox is actually going well, loving eating more eating fruits and vegetables. My go to smoothie has been bananas, mixed frozen fruits and spinach; it smells questionable (seriously) but tastes amazing! Love it! I had admittedly started eating less fruit and I didn’t even know my body missed it as does my digestive system.

I am on the flipside experiencing irritability, easily irritated but that’s also hormonal as am getting closer to my time, so can’t really say it’s only  due to detoxing as am not 100% sure.

Been craving junk food like crazy (PMS for sure) even though I wasn’t necessarily hungry and this didn’t subside until I had wholewheat bread with peanut butter and fruit and now I am good!



I am feeling pretty good! Listen i’ll tell you one thing about eating mostly raw:it changes you! I feel so beautiful not physically but that inner beauty; like my body is being fed what it is designed to be fed.

So any effects of the detox yet? Answer is ..


1. Be prepared to be in the bathroom, it’s called a detox for a reason!

2. Patience goes out of the window and straight forward answers are the new form.

3. Missing junk food

Ok it’s almost that time of the month for me as well so the effects could be very well due to PMS … most likely!

UPDATE: AT THE END OF TODAY I HAD ONE FLAT BREAD (VEGAN) other than that my whole day was raw fruit and vegetables and I am so proud of myself:)

Just a REMINDER to anyone out there who is thinking of doing a raw detox, you don’t have to be perfect but in time we will get the hang of things and things will be as they should be! It CAN be done!

As always so much love, positivity, health towards you guys. I love you so much!


Detox : Day 1

As I enter a new chapter in my life I feel more compelled to detoxify my body of toxins. Keeping in mind I am a vegan,but this doesn’t automatically mean I am eating clean, quite frankly as a matter of fact I love eating chips … no not the home made oven baked but the deep fried ones. With that said I am down 28.6 pounds which is 13 kilos which is shocking as I eat with abundance and never count calories.

SO which brings me back to the point that I am NOT detoxing for weight loss but rather for mental clarity as I feel,that’s what my spiritual health is need of at this moment in time. It’s currently 13:07 and so far so so. It would be awesome if anyone wanted to join me in this detox, support would be amazing!

Off to make another smoothie and will update you guys each step of the way. As always so much positivity,  love, health and wealth in all aspects of life towards you guys. I love you!






My favourite colour and also happens to be a pretty damn tasty fruit too! BONUS!

Some amazing benefits of eating oranges

  1. They contain phytochemicals that protect against cancer.
  2. Orange juice can help prevent kidney diseases.
  3. Mandarin oranges fight liver cancer, according to studies.
  4. Oranges lower cholesterol.
  5. They are rich in potassium and boost heart health.
  6. They lower the risk of diseases.
  7. Oranges fight against viral infections.
  8. They aid in good eye health and protect vision.
  9. They relieve constipation.
  10. They regulate high blood pressure.
  11. They protect skin.
  12. They alkalize the body.
  13. Oranges provide great carbs and do not cause a blood sugar spike.



It’s a WRAP!





The best thing if you are strapped for time and you want something quick, easy and very tasty to make! I am in love! This journey of being healthy has been so easy because there are so many options and being a vegan it makes even easier to choose foods that are nutritionally dense but lower in calories (not that I count calories but overall the calories are less).

Lately I have been consumed with work (working so many hours at my current job, figuring out future plans and working on implementing changes not only towards my career but health too so wraps have been a saving grace to me.Enough about me:) What is your favourite wrap? Any vegan ones you want to share with me so I can give them a try?

As always so much love, health, positivity towards you my loves. I love you!




imageWhatever is on your mind that you want and need to do just get up now and do it! There really is no better time than the present! Leaving things until later (procrastination) isn’t a good idea unless you are super motivated and organised but am from personal experiences and others’ too it seems to be the case for not only myself but for others as well.

Things YOU want and need to do can range from small to big tasks i.e.

  1. cleaning your bedroom
  2. losing weight (1pound or 150 pounds)
  3. finding a career/job that earns you more money
  4. putting more energy on the things you are passionate about
  5. communicating your feelings towards loved ones better
  6. changing careers


But it has be done now, we have to start taking the steps towards the direction of the life that we want to live. It doen’t mean being drastic and all of a sudden just do all at once unless you are able to but baby steps, one small step in the right direction is still a step forward. It can be done and it will be done! YOU can do this; WE can do this!

As always much love,health, peace, abudance and a fruition in the seeds that you have planted. I love you!



Went on a walk and spotted this beauty doing what it does best …. eating! Haha! Felt so surreal to see because where I live you don’t really see that many squirrels tbh I didn’t know there were any, though saying that I went on another walk and saw yet another squirrel and as it was climbing the tree, it stopped and looked right into my eyes. I was scared so thought it was a stare off and politely scurried along😀😀

Squirrel 1 – Faith 0

Till next time!


Food GLORIOUS food!






These are the things that I love to eat and eat on a daily basis. I love eating carbs because they fill me up, give me energy but most of all they make me happy and are so delicious. I don’t count calories and I personally don’t want to spend my days doing that; rather I listen to my body, what it needs and when it needs it. I do give in to “cravings” and don’t restrict. I don’t see anything wrong with counting calories if it works for anyone or they enjoy it also.

Being vegan allows me to eat whatever I want, whenever I want,continously lose weight and each day I am getting closer to my goals. I could go on and on and I will on another post!:)

Hope you guys are amazing, wishing you love, health, wealth, peace and so much more. I love you!