Soul Beauty


Beneath the surface of us lies a lot of beautiful things undiscovered just like under the oceans. Society judges on appearance; that’s a shame because so many have stopped focusing on the inner and only focus on the outer. We got it in reverse, we have to dig deeper :-)



We are constantly wishing things were better. I’m guilty of this because I’m impatient and want things now without realising that I have to work hard for what I want and can’t just sit on my bum and hope for the best. That’s not how I’m going to get things done!
Queen Procrastinator here!! Not happening any more as I’m taking steps to change that :-)

I forget to realise not many are fortunate to have a job no matter how mundane my job is but I’m grateful for it. I’ve learnt so much about myself whilst working there and have learnt also about other people.
I’m grateful to have a home, to be independent and being functional.
I’m just grateful for everything I have!
I hope you are too because trust me there’s someone out there wishing they had everything yiu had.

Happy Sunday :-)

Health Update – Lactose Intolerance

Its been almost 3 months since I began my health journey; 3 months in 2 days to be exact!
Its been great so far, discovering I was lactose intolerant was the best thing that’s happened to my health to be honest. I still have my cheesecakes etc but I’m very controlled in portions and the frequency I have it.

My skin hasn’t looked this good in a long time and that’s s physical change I’m loving. Obviously the weight loss is great too. I’m still losing weight though it be at a steady pace now & I’m happy with that.

I feel internally good too! I feel more energised & I’m sleeping better. I just feel more in touch with myself, more spiritual & just generally awakened.

I have given up on meat too but that’s a post for another day. I am however still trying to eat less chips, that’s seriously my favourite food :-(

Will talk more about what I eat etc in another post.
Hope you guys are awesome!!
Have a beautiful Saturday :-)


Skin Update


Literally a few minutes ago …

I’m still

– Avoiding dairy products
– Drinking more water
– Drinking green tea
– Not sleeping with make up on
– Exfoliating once/twice a week

With that said I was going through the monthly but that cleared up quicker than usual.

Side note : need to sort out my under eye dark circles!

Hope you guys are all good and happy Friday!!!

Call Her


Saw this and wanted to post it but then it was mother’s day so I wanted to wait. The reason being I don’t think it has to be mother’s day in order to show our mothers that we love and care about them; though I think mother’s day is a great holiday :-)

Love you mum 😘😘